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On Saturday, I submitted two of my works to a photography exhibition/contest. Today, I received an email notifying me that both of my photos have been accepted by the jury and will be on display until the 3rd of April. This is my first time doing something like this and I am very excited!

If you happen to be in the Paris region, you can see my photos on display @ Hôtel de ville - 14, rue Ambroise Croizat - 78280 Guyancourt

Jonathan Leopard

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170 Years of Tropical Storm Tracks Mapped

By compiling all of incidence of tropical cyclones over a 170 year period for the entire planet, the National Climatic Data Center has come up with several graphic images that show which areas of the world are constantly getting hit the hardest with storms.

They assembled data for 11,967 tropical cyclones into a single database, called IBTrACS, with information from 1842 to 2012. By showing how many times any storm track overlapped another one, the density of storms affecting a given area becomes clear.

Cyclone tracks overlapped the most in the western Pacific and Bay of Bengal (India), where typhoon season never ends since waters are always warm enough to sustain cyclone formation. The amount of storm tracks overlapping is much lower in the Western Hemisphere (picture 2) than in the Eastern Hemisphere (picture 3).

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(via n-a-s-a)

Simon Harsent - Hurricane Irene

(Source: blue-voids, via teaatfiverumatfour)


Gianni Grattacaso - From the series Cilento - Parco del Cinema (2011)

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